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  • Bridge St Kids – Early Learning Centre, South Hurstville

    Bridge St Kids – Early Learning Centre, South Hurstville

    The construction of childcare center in South Hurstville is built on a 1,680-square-meter site and feature multiple play areas, a kitchen, and a car park, and provides much-needed childcare services for the local community. The building is designed to provide a safe, nurturing, and stimulating environment for children to learn, play, and grow.

  • Canterbury South Public School

    Canterbury South Public School

    The Canterbury South Public School redevelopment has delivered new learning spaces to increase the school’s enrolment capacity to accommodate up to 690 students and an upgrade of core facilities.

  • Richard Johnson Anglican School – Oakhurst Campus

    Richard Johnson Anglican School – Oakhurst Campus

    Top Steel Solutions recently marked a significant accomplishment with the successful completion of a new construction project at Richard Johnson Anglican School’s Oakhurst Campus. This project, a testament to our expertise in steel frame construction, involved the creation of a state-of-the-art Senior Studies Centre.

  • Holroyd High School – Library

    Holroyd High School – Library

    The upgrade of Holroyd High School Library presented an exhilarating challenge for Topsteel Solutions, perfectly aligning with our commitment to sustainable and innovative construction. Central to this project was the preservation of the existing building structure, where our steel framing played a pivotal role.

  • Amity College Staff Room, Shellhabour

    Amity College Staff Room, Shellhabour

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  • Norwest Christian College

    Norwest Christian College

    Holroyd High School Library Upgrade was an exciting and challenging project. The project was driven by strong sustainable values, which led to the preservation of most of the existing building fabric and structure. The existing roof had frequent rain leaks and a new roof design was proposed. A new elevated clerestory was introduced to provide…

  • AI-Faisal College, Liverpool

    AI-Faisal College, Liverpool

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  • Nepean Christian School – Stage 1

    Nepean Christian School – Stage 1

    Top Steel Solutions was selected to undertake the design and construction of Stage 1 works at Nepean Christian School. To provide a durable and cost-effective solution, the building was constructed using steel-framed walls and trusses. The project highlights Top Steel Solutions’ expertise in steel construction and their ability to collaborate with architects to deliver high-quality,…