Steel Frame and Roof Truss

Steel Frame and Roof Truss

Steel frames and roof trusses are crucial parts of construction projects that offer support and stability to buildings. Typically made of high-strength steel, steel frames have advantages over traditional wooden frames. 

On the other hand, roof trusses are structural frames specifically designed to support a roof’s weight. Steel roof trusses can be manufactured offsite to precise specifications. This makes them easy to install, reducing construction time.

  • Provide durability and stability.
  • Long life with safety
  • Resistance to fire and pests.
  • Design flexibility
  • Cost-effective
  • Sustainable

Why choose Steel Frame and Roof Truss?

  • Light steel is highly durable and can withstand harsh weather, fire, and pests.
  • Its high strength-to-weight ratio makes it suitable for buildings requiring heavy loads or large spans.
  • Steel frames and roof trusses can be prefabricated to exact specifications, allowing for customization and precision.
  • Light steel is 50% lighter than traditional steel frames, making installation faster and easier.
  • Its nature makes it a more cost-effective option for construction.

Why Choose Top Steel Solutions?

Top Steel Solutions Pty Ltd is a leading provider of residential and commercial building solutions in Australia. We committed to our ethos: “Built to last.” In our pursuit to give our customers quality steel framing products, our steel frames and trusses are the preferred choice of builders and homeowners. With a dedicated team of knowledgeable staff, Top Steel Solutions prioritises customer satisfaction and provides tailored steel solutions to meet specific needs. To learn more about their cost-effective and durable steel framing and roof truss options, interested parties can contact Top Steel Solutions at 02 9756 4124.

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