Why Steel Frame

Benefits for builders,
designers and home owners alike.

Design Flexibility

The structural strength of steel is an architect’s dream, allowing greater innovation, individualisation and longer spans, ideal for the sought after open plan living of today.

Steel framing is ideal for designs that are difficult to achieve with other materials, including homes on unusually shaped blocks of land and sloping sites.

100% Recyclable

Steel framing is the environmentally friendly and sustainable option, itself comprised of recycled steel. Due to their light weight, steel framed homes can also be built with minimal site impact.

Our steel frames have also been engineered for highly efficient material use, minimising wastage due to scrap.


Steel frame buildings are safer than those with wood or other types of frames. Steel frames are stronger than wood frames, making them ideal for both tall and short buildings because of their resistance to things like explosions, collisions, and fire. In dire circumstances, this could be the deciding factor in whether or not your loved ones survive.


Pricing for steel frames is competitive with other framing systems.

There are also significant ongoing savings by choosing steel frames including:

  • Lower insurance premiums
  • Savings on termite spray treatments
  • Avoiding redecorating and repair costs from cornice cracking and nail popping
  • Less periodical structural maintenance costs

100% Termite Proof

Recent studies show that 1 in 5 Australian homes will suffer a termite attack, with repair or rebuild costs a financial disaster.

Our steel frames are not susceptible to termite attack, and also do not require toxic chemical treatments like other types of framing products.

Fire Safe

Steel is a naturally non-combustible material and an ideal choice for the bushfire prone Australian climate, significantly reducing the amount of flammable materials in the home. Steel frames are already widely used in high safety structures including schools and aged care facilities.

The CSIRO Division of Building Research (Victoria) has recommended building a home with high fire resistance by eliminating the use of timber and using steel frames and light gauge steel roof trusses in their place.

Strong & Durable

Precision engineering for frames & trusses with steel’s natural properties ensures shrink-free, warp-free, dimensionally accurate construction, reducing the chance of cracked cornices, bowed internal walls, jamming doors and wavy rooflines.

Our steel frames construction are designed for long life, and their structural integrity ensures trouble-free future extensions if required. Made with TRUECORE® steel, our frames come with a 50-year BlueScope warranty.

Fast & Easy

Steel framing is lightweight and precision engineered for accuracy, with service holes pre-punches for plumbing and electrical requirements.

It is very easy to work with and significantly reduces construction time. Our steel floor joists too come with all these benefits. 

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