[Project Completed] Bardia House

[Project Completed] Bardia House

The steel frame construction for this new two-storey residential home in the newly developed area of Bardia has been successfully completed by Top Steel Solutions. Our team has provided a durable and sturdy framework, including structural steel, lightweight steel, and flooring, ensuring the home’s structural integrity and longevity. The installation process was quick, highlighting our efficiency and expertise in steel framing.

6th June 2024

[New Win] Bardia House

Top Steel Solutions is pleased to announce our latest project win: the steel frame construction for a new residential home in Bardia. This exciting development highlights our expertise in providing robust and reliable steel framing solutions. Our team is set to deliver a structure that ensures durability and meets the highest standards of quality. As we embark on this project, we look forward to showcasing our commitment to excellence and innovation in steel frame construction. Stay tuned for updates as we bring this new home to life in Bardia.

3rd May 2024