[Project Updated] The Archwood Residences, Roseville

[Project Updated] The Archwood Residences, Roseville

Topsteel Solutions is on the brink of finalizing the Archwood Residences project. This project again stands as a testament to the strength and flexibility offered by our steel frame solutions, adept at supporting significant loads and facilitating complex architectural designs. This project not only showcases our rapid completion capabilities but also highlights how steel framing is revolutionizing the residential sector with its unmatched resilience and adaptability.

26th Feb 2023

[Updated 06/11/2023] The Archwood Residences

Exciting news!  The Archwood 42 Townhouses Project is getting in a new stage. We’re turning ideas into reality, and it’s a big change. Imagine a place where amazing architecture meets the beauty of nature. That’s what we’re creating here. Our team at Archwood Residences, powered by Top Steel Solutions, is working hard, and the results are mind-blowing. These townhouses are becoming a perfect mix of modern design and comfortable living. Get ready to be part of this fantastic transformation where steel frames the future of living!

6th Nov 2023

[Updated 30/08/2023] The Archwood Residences

Exciting News Alert! 🎉 Get ready to witness the incredible transformation at Archwood 36 Townhouses Project! From concept to reality, we’re thrilled to unveil the BIG change that’s been taking place.
Step into a world where architectural brilliance meets natural beauty. With thoughtful planning and attention to detail. Top Steel Solutions team at Archwood Residences has been hard at work, and the results are nothing short of amazing. The townhouses are shaping up to be a stunning blend of modern design and comfortable living.

30th Aug 2023

[Updated 31/03/2023] The Archwood Residences

Great news!!! Top Steel Solutions Pty Ltd has started the Archwood Residences project which includes 36 townhouses recently.

By using light gauge steel, we can potentially reduce construction time and costs while still ensuring the durability and strength of the building structure. The use of innovative building materials like light gauge steel is a promising trend in the construction industry, and it’s great to see that it’s being utilized in the Archwood Residences project.

31th March 2021

[Updated 13/12/2021] The Archwood Residences

That’s fantastic news! Top Steel Solutions’ success in winning the Archwood Residences project from Growth Built sounds impressive. The location in Upper North Shore, specifically in Roseville’s green and heritage heart, adds to the appeal of this development. The project’s highlights include the construction of 42 beautiful three-story townhouses across seven blocks, as well as two basement levels for parking. With spacious balconies and courtyards designed for entertainment, along with common areas, landscaping, and public domain works, the Archwood Residences promises to be a perfectly balanced and desirable community.

13th December 2021